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Don't overlook window treatments

When it comes to remodeling your home, windows and window treatments are often too easily overlooked. With the focus on larger aspects of the project, we want to make sure you don't skip over what could be a potential game-changer for your home. We provide various materials and services that will make this an enjoyable experience that promises spectacular results, even in your most common areas.

Window blinds and more

There are many different window treatments to choose from for your windows, including window blinds, shades, fabric layers, and even shutters. Blinds are a great way to add privacy and light diffusion all at the same time, along with their many construction types and colors. It's as much a piece of your décor, providing another décor layer for beautiful appearances every day.
Fabric window treatments are more than just curtains. When considering this line, you'll find drapes, sheers, and Roman shades, all of which come in various fabrics and colors to tremendous performance. Don't forget that you can layer these pieces, along with fabric valances, for results that blend well with any interior design. If you have children, you'll be impressed with the many cordless window treatment options are available. You'll no longer have to worry about small children becoming entangled in the cords, and it's just as safe from pets as well. You might even consider an automated option.

Automated window treatments are a great way to keep your windows covered or uncovered, just when it's most important. Set them on a timer to portray someone's appearance in the home, even while you are away for business or vacation. Automated options can also help keep direct sunlight away from flooring and furniture, thus preventing the fading that can often happen to upholstery and flooring.

Find the best window treatments in Chadron, NE

If you're looking for window treatments in Chadron, NE, we invite you to visit Morford's Decorating Center whenever you're in the area. Our showroom offers a wide variety of materials and the services that make them work for you. Our associates look forward to working with you on your project of any size to find the ones that fit your requirements.

For the residents of Chadron, NE, Hay Springs, NE, Crawford, NE, Gordon, NE, Harrison, NE, Hemingford, NE, Rushville, NE, Alliance, NE, Oelrichs, SD, and Hot Springs, SD, we are a hometown answer to your window treatment needs. When you come into our showroom, we'll dedicate out time to work with you towards the perfect goal. Treat your windows to the treatment they deserve.