Synthetic versus natural carpet fibers - what’s the difference?

Synthetic versus natural carpet fibers - what’s the difference?

Most simply, synthetic fibers are manufactured, and natural fibers come from animals and plants. As a result, most carpeting installed in homes and businesses is made of synthetic fibers. Morford's Decorating Center, a carpet store in Chadron, NE, offers a wide variety of all types of carpeting from top companies like Mohawk and Phenix. We also offer other home improvement items to make it easy to complete your remodeling projects.

Natural fibers

Silk and wool are animal-based natural fibers, while sisal and jute are plant-based natural fibers. While more costly wool carpet is less stain-resistant than synthetic carpet, it is very durable and resilient to foot traffic. When a wool carpet becomes dirty or stained, professionals must clean it. Thus, wall-to-wall wool carpeting is often installed in master bedrooms and formal living rooms. Silk, sisal, and jute are eco-friendly materials used to make area rugs. A rug can enhance wall-to-wall carpeting or a hard surface floor covering.

Synthetic fibers

Triexta is a synthetic fiber that inherently repels stains, while nylon is treated in the factory for stain resistance. Nylon has been considered the most durable carpet fiber for decades. But triexta, introduced to the marketplace in 2009, is commonly used to produce tough, pet-proof carpeting. Polyester carpeting is ideal for low-traffic areas. Since colors tend to be vibrant, polyester is often chosen for bedroom installation. Many homeowners also opt for carpeting in the basement. Olefin is an excellent fiber for this area since it tolerates moisture.

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