How long does carpet last?

How long does carpet last?

Carpeting is like any floor covering. Of course, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last, but it can last almost 20 years with proper maintenance and correct installation to answer this question directly. Longevity, however, is also impacted by selecting the correct type of rug for your needs; when you walk into a carpet store, you'll see hundreds of vibrant colors and patterns and beautiful styles, but always focus on your needs. Simply put, a carpet meant for low traffic floors but placed in a busy, heavily trafficked area won't last as long.

Carpet care tips

1. Vacuum several times a week if possible. This removes the surface dirt; when not removed, soil acts like tiny razor blades, cutting and fraying fibers. It also mats it down and dulls it.

2. Get on a regular professional cleaning schedule every 12 to 18 months. While vacuuming is terrific, and we highly encourage it, only deep cleaning will scrub the fibers and remove trapped pollutants. A clean rug will also improve your indoor air quality by keeping everything flowing as it should; your home will smell fresh and clean.

3. Employ some typical everyday routines, such as wiping spills immediately, so stains don't set; cutting, not pulling, snags, and moving heavy furniture periodically, so dents don't become permanent.

Have it installed professionally

Protect your investment and let a professional give you the beautiful floor that you and your home deserve. When installed by a professional, the rug will be measured correctly and fit snugly and smoothly around door sills, baseboards, and moldings. It will also be stretched perfectly with no looseness, rolls, or wrinkles.

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