Four tips for choosing carpet

Four tips for choosing carpet

So you’re in the market for a good carpet. Once you start researching, you’ll see there is a lot of information to consume, not to mention many products to choose from. Morford's Decorating Center is here with four easy tips for choosing carpeting.

4 Tips

1. The very first thing you want to do is figure out your budget for your carpet. This way, you don’t spend too much. It will save you money in the end.

2. Have a list of requirements for your new carpet. Are there factors about the carpet that you can't do without? For example, do you want it hypoallergenic? Do you want it to have stain resistance? Is there a specific color that you want? What kind of lifespan are you expecting from your carpet? Are you looking for synthetic or natural fibers? Do you want it to be eco-friendly?

3. Next, you look for your preferences: color, feel, texture, height. Finally, here is where you match your carpeting to what your home décor looks like.

4. Finally, learn about carpet installation. We have some tips for you at Morford’s Decorating Center. You may want to move the small items out of the room to get the new floor covering. You also may want to transfer precious things out of the room so they don't get accidentally broken. Find out from the installers how long the process will take.

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