The world of hardwood is expanding quickly! The newest look is "handscraped" and it is beautiful. You must see this for yourself! We have 3+ different hardwood lines with varieties that range from rustic to modern, handscraped to original, and solid to engineered.


Many of you question whether to go solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. Let's go over the differences:

Solid Hardwood:


  • Can be sanded & refinished multiple times

  • Most generally, easily repaired

  • Comes finished & unfinished so repairs can be made

  • Price is comparable to engineered, but may last longer due to the ability to sand & refinish

  • Matches up to older wood flooring heights


  • Less stable; expands and contracts more

  • Requires 3/4" plywood subfloor

  • Not approved for below grade installation e.g. basements

  • Thickness can cause problems with existing doors

Engineered Hardwood:


  • No subfloor requirements; can be installed on plywood or concrete

  • Can be installed below grade e.g. basements

  • Can be installed numerous ways: nail, staple, glue or float

  • More stable; because of "engineered" layers it is ofen strong than solid hardwood


  • Most cannot be sanded & refinished

  • Sound; can sound more like laminate when floated on cement if not level

  • Can look "cheap." Make sure to look at all options

  • Not easily repaired, can't mimic look & finish

The staff at Morford's Decorating Center is more than happy to walk you through the decision process. There are so many different looks, finishes, and other decisions to make when choosing a wood floor. Let our sales staff answer any questions and help you find the perfect floor for you!

If you are looking for laminate, Morford's Decorating Center has that too. Mohawk, Mannington, and Quickstep are the major laminate options we have. We have a large selection there as well. In addition, we stock several QuickStep products and have them on hand for those short notice projects. Stop in today and see our selection!

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